Thank You

The generosity of our donors makes excellence happen in Ridgewood Public Schools every day.
Thank you.

Campaign for 21st Century Learning Leadership Donors

Bob Unanue • The Valley Hospital • Federated Home and School Association

Corporate Donors

Raimondi Horticultural Group • Columbia Bank Foundation • Wells Fargo Bank

Oktoberfest 2014 Benefactors

Corporate: Applebee’s • Janis Fuhrman • Patrick S. Dunican, Jr, Esq. Gibbons P.C. • Hartgers Jewelers
Phillips Dentistry • Messineo & Messineo • Montessori Learning Center • Gabriella Wilday and No Fuss Lunch
Park West Tavern • Parlance Chamber Concerts • Reno’s Appliance • Stonetown Construction • The Wine Seller
Van Dyke Health Care • Valley Pediatrics • Wells Fargo • Wostbrock Home

Individual: Suvajit and Mitra Basu • Steve and Christina Bergantino • Sheila Brogan and Bill Reilly
Paul and Dawn Calvetti • David and Lori Colin • Cathy and Warren Cooke • Phyllis and Bruce Crocco
Ed and Tara Cullen • Ralph and Nancy Currey • Mindy and Phil Dauber • Helen Dolan • Dorothy and John Duffy
Enrico S. Gaglioti • Elizabeth Giordano • Amy and Michael Kammen • Allan and Karen Levine
Kathy and Ken Marshall • Jim and Janice Mazzo • Beth Meleski • Paul Miesemer • Charlie and Barbara Reilly
Carl and Heather Scaturo • Marla and Bill Sherman • Margaret Kelly • Kathleen Simmons
Roberta Sonenfeld and Bob Carroll • Michael and Stephanie Stern • Christian and Maggie Wall
Margaret and Drew Watson • Parker and Lori Weill • Doug and Jennie Smith Wilson

Gifts in Honor of These Ridgewood Educators

Dr. Patrick Bernardo • Nancy Dickinson • Susan Fink • Dr. Thomas Gorman • Sharon Hansen • Mary Van Horne
Medha Kirtane • Lillian Labowsky • Lindsay Mitchell • Steven Murray • Jeff Nyhius • Jason Ordini
Tony Orsini and The Benjamin Franklin Middle School Administration
The Ridge Team at Benjamin Franklin Middle School • Karen Rispoli • Anjali Shah
Lisa Sutera • Lauren Zielinski

Individual Donors

Gifts in Honor of:
     Jacques Harlow
     Jody Irwin Hnat
     Laura Baker Johnson ‘92
     The Schretter Family
     The Trustees of The Foundation-2
     Emily and Madeleine Van Engel
     Lynne and Dan Van Engel
     Jennie Smith Wilson

Gifts in Memory of:
     Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Ansbro
     Marion Jean Beaven
     Ann Brown Cummings ’75
     Marie and Joseph Genna
     Ruth Glisch
     Shirley Kolkebeck, Hawes Teacher
     Louis and Florence Moscarello

Beth and Ray Abbott
Brian and Geri Abdoo
Mr. and Mrs. Murat Aktar
Kristy Glisch Ambrogi ‘78
Jeff and Michelle Anderson
Mike and Shannon Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Autera
Nick and Liz Anyillian
Eric and Amy Bachman
Rola and Rashid Baddoura
Ockjoo Baek
Kim Bangash
Dr. Mahmud Bangash, M.D.
Suvajit and Mitra Basu
Alyssa and George Becker
Scott and Bayne Belair
Lisa Belaus
Jack R. Benintende
Pete and Sally Beucler
Bruce ’78 and Laureen Bitzer
Rachel Bock
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bombace
The Bonaccorsi Family
John and Therese Bonfiglio
Maureen Ivers Bolduc
John and Jean Boyle
Diana L. Brazill
Sheila Brogan and William Reilly
The Bronfin Family
Bob and Kay Brundige
Gae Brunner
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Bunza
Robert and Lynn Byrne
Kim Cadaret
William Carbone
David and Christine Chanley
Jessica Chao
Robert and Rosemary Chersi
Mr. and Mrs. John Citti
Christine and Craig Clay
David Colin
Tom Conde
Warren and Cathy Cooke
Eugene Cornell and Susan Mayo
David H. Coward '52
Monika H. Cox
Tom and Anne Crane
Bruce Crocco
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Crowe
Josephine Cucciaro and Trevor Stitt

The Cummings Family
Lauren Cuneo
Phil and Mindy Dauber
Michael and Bernadette Davis
Bob and Joanne Delaney
Tom and Maggie DeVita
Paula and David Diaz
James and Linda Diorio
Brian and Nora Dowd
Marc and Jocelyn Dreier
Stephen Dundorf ‘92
Tim and Corinne Dyas
Michael and Christine Eckels
Nancy Decker Ehrle
Frances and Neil Ekblom
Andrew and Melissa Elloitt
Tim and Kathy Entwistle
Pablo and Christina Esteve
Sally Kireker Faulkner ‘75
Kevin and Tina Felix
Chris and Robin Fine
Dr. Daniel Fishbein and Dr. Susan Flanzman
The Frank Family
George and Jaime Frederick
Janis Fuhrman
Tom and Joan Gaidimas
Tom and Lisa Garvey
John M. and Margaret Karl Geraghty
Jeff and Karen Gerstel
Daniel and Kelly Gioia
Hayley and Jeffrey Gluck
Jennifer Goldzweig
Elizabeth Gordon and Roger Lang
Mark and Linda Hannafey
James J. Harrington
Brian and Cecily Healy
Clarita Herrera-Argyros, M.D.
Paul and Kathy Higbee
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Holland Jr.
Joel and Beth Holmes
Carolyn Jacoby
Fred Jubitz
Sam and Michelle Katzman
Andrea Kelly
Michael and Susan Kelly
Sarita Kelty
Kevin and Jennifer Kilgallen
The Klatsky Family
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Knight
John and Mary Ann Koontz
Akshay and Ajunta Kumar
Joan Lalonde
Tom and Maribeth Lane
Mickey Kim and Jin Lee
Jonathan Leiner ‘73
Lynne A. Leopold-Sharp ‘70
Michael and Michele Lenhard
Suzanne and Daniel Lenihan
Allan and Karen Levine
Karen Lilly
Margaret Loonam
Randy and Diane Luing
Anthony R. Malloy
Kathleen Marshall
Jim and Janice Mazzo
Judith MacLennan
Liz and Bob McCarthy
Paul and Lorie McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. John McDonagh

Derek McGrath
Rick and Kathy McGrath
Mary Meakem
Elizabeth and Brant Meleski
Audrey Meyers and Scott Agins
Philip and Mary Micale
Therese Mierswa
Paul W. Miesemer
Mr. and Mrs. L.T. Miller
Bob Modelski ‘79
Michel and Linda Mouravieff
Jim and Sue Morgan
Dorothy Neff
Frank Nicklus ‘54
The Nieporent Family
Julianne Ohl
Steve and Carol Olson
John and Anne Oros
Silvana Penava and Edward Winn
Nora Rahaim
Greg and Nancy Ricca
Todd Rothman
David Rarich and Melanie Stern
Charles and Barbara Reilly
Thomas and Kerriann Reilly
Edward Roberts
John Rogers
Todd Rothman
Frank and Amy Sandler
John and Lauren Saraceno
Lou and Alrene Sarappo
George and Elizabeth Schlowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Schott
Susan and Jerry Schretter
Michael and Ellen Seaver
Ed and Pat Seavers
Nate and Jennifer Shakibai
Rahul and Karleen Sharma
The Sharo Family
Frank and Karen Sheehy
Brian and Meegan Shevlin
Kathleen H. Simmons
Paul and Becky Simpson
Isabel Sippel ‘11
Robert and Kathy Skrzypczak
Roberta Sonenfeld, Bob Carroll and
Taryn Carroll
Dr. Anita Srivastava and Alok Prasad
Richard and Anna Spalckhaver
Kelly Luther Stern ‘74
Michael and Stephanie Stern
Roseann and John Stichnoth
Michael Szymanski
Chris and Tina Tilyou
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Tuomey
Lynne and Daniel Van Engel
Robert and Mary Vermylen
John and Denise Vollkommer
Kristen Walicki
Christian and Maggie Wall
Drew and Margaret Watson
Parker and Lori Weil
Doug and Jennie Smith Wilson
Sara Wilson ‘71
Gabrielle and Steven Winnert
David and Katherine Zrike